Stower Medical Research Center

Stower Medical Research Center

The $225 million, world-class biological and medical research facility, totaling more than 640,000 square feet, houses laboratories, research support facilities, an animal resource center, administration, and maintenance. The facility houses more than 50 principal investigators, each directing a team of about 10 researchers. An interstial floor was constructed for the vivarium to allow for full access to utilities and equipment with minimal distruption to the animal holding facility.  A robotic cage handling system was included in the cage washing for increased operational efficiency.    The project received a Lab of the Year Award by R&D Magazine.

The building systems include a 3,000 ton chiller plant, a medium pressure steam boiler plant for heating and process steam produciton, an emergency generator plant, humidification controls, medium voltage site distribution, VAV laboraory ventilation, lab compressed air, lab vacuum, DI/RO water system, and other conventional buildign services. 

2002 R&D Magazine Lab of the Year Award

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